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Receive payment for memberhub

Good morning my name is Francis and I'm very interested in buying memberhub as of right now I don't have the funds to purchase memberhub but I will have the funds on September 7th will it be possible if I could be locked in at the $67 amount? Or by chance will this price will be available on this date? Thank you again have a good day.

My card was declined because a payment I sent had not cleared, well, it cleared this morning but now I can't buy,

George Ruiz


I was disappointed that after I purchased MemberHub for our project, that our developer said it 'may' be very suitable--down the road--but not now.

FIVE days ago, I regrettably asked for a refund.

FOUR DAYS AGO, I was informed that my refund was 'being processed'


I do not want to turn this matter back over to PayPal, Chad. But you are on the verge of leaving me no choice, my friend. 

Your success in MemberHub reminds me of when I used to speak to groups saying 'Success can kill a business just as dead as no business coming in the door.' And I would give examples from my clients who enjoyed the increase in orders but refused to spend the money to increase their CAPACITY. Extremely important part of any entrepreneur's thinking.

I'll give you until the end of the day, fair enough?




I paid $47 to going the $47 each month now you after a one time offer for$67. No monthly fee. Why I'm I paying $47 a month? This needs to be adjusted . Also how much is the card if I sell it? Saw $7 a month but now I'm not seeing it

 I could be lock in at the $67 amoun

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