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Business Card DNS requirements

 LCS Business Card operation seems dependent on having a CloudFlare Account and hosting only with NameCheap. As I have commercial accounts with other suppliers (GoDaddy for one), is it possible to either say what the requirements are for a DNS host, or provide setup guides for a few of the popular ones?

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This may be the case, my card was working with a domain that I had then I tried forwarding a new domain without ssl it would not work, can not add back the original domain as tells me already used. Will setup cloudflare for the one I am forwarding from and try that..

You don't have to have Cloudflare but it is recommended as it's free and  secures your domain with a free SSL   You can purchase your domain and./or host it with anyone you'd like.

I have all my domains hosted on GoDaddy so i can't change them to name cheap. I signed up for a CloudFlare account and have followed all the procedures to set it up but now I can't save it from HTTP to  HTTPS in the domain settings under "BUSINESS CARD DOMAIN" of LCS it says it's already"domain already in use". Can you advise please so i can get my SSL from CloudFlare working



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Hmm, I own a small hosting business, which I haven't put anything but my own stuff on.... If I can ever get to solve my trouble ticket (on other matters) I'll check this matter out.... 

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It appears the issue of domain hosting is affecting so many people. LCS must find a solution to it. It is too bad that the support tickets take days to get any response. Mine is going 4 days now 

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Hi Sonny,

The solution is to switch your name servers to Cloudflare as instructed in all the training.  Switching your name servers doesn't affect any hosting that you may have on a domain.  Or to simply forward the domain to the socicards link, albeit it will not be secure.  Also you may want to check your email as your ticket was responded to prior to your writing this. :)   The support team provided you with a similar response there.   

You could also choose to do your own research and check with your hosting or domain registrar to see if they can recommend an SSL certificate that will secure your link on both their system and ours when you point the domain to the LCS IP.  I believe this is possible but it's quite expensive while Cloudflare is free.  But again, you're more than welcome to do some further research on it and post the solution here if/when you find it.

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for your reply. I noticed the many changes to the account area which resolved one of the issues. After switching the nameservers to Cloudflare, the website is still down after the 48hrs waiting requirement. A solution must be found for this major server problem

Hi Sonny,

I assure you there is not a server error.  If your site is down, it's because it's not setup properly.  My first guess is that you have 2 A records each pointing in different directions.  Domains are like addresses and the IP they're pointed to is like their location... so if your domain is:  and you have an A record pointing to 182.xx.xx.xx  and another A record for the same  pointed to LCS  then you're going to run into an error, because  cannot be in two places at once.

I'd recommend having a look at the 'How to brand your domains' tutorial here in the support desk as well as following the wizard videos inside of your account.

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