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Refund Your Customers Rather Than Continuing To Fraudulently Take Payments

You have taken another payment from my PayPal account despite my contacting your support desk and you assuring me that ‘billing’ were dealing with it. That is fraud. You now owe me $135 for the payments you have fraudulently taken from my account for a product that has not been supplied or even created since August of this year. As well as raising a PayPal dispute I will therefore be filing a complaint with law enforcement as well as with the BBB.

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wow that's crazy, I think it's strange because I bought the product about 10 days ago and until today I haven't received access or answers to my call, I'm worried and sad about this situation. I bought the product for a Christmas benefit and apparently I will not be able to access the product. tell me more about your case @Amanda Lees

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